Best visuals. They are goodlooking and pretty uuuuw. Going to watch their wgm. Aaaah hong jonghyun!!!!! What a cute couple. Fighting hyuyu couple!!~~ #hongjonghyun #yura #girlsday #kimangah #wgm #varietyshow #wegotmarried

140720 Suho @ Incheon Airport. Inspired by lionkeyy
Uwauwaa. Thanks @lilyluhan ~~ #exo #suho #snowglobe
  • me: *sees ur message right away*
  • me: *doesnt respond right away so u dont think i was waiting*
  • me: *forgets to respond*
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    Extensive compilation of all Yixing fancams from The Lost Planet concert in Chongqing. We will try to make a compilation for each of the remaining concerts as well.

    Fancams are classified by site (tudou, youku, youtube, instagram, meipai) and stages.

    This post will be…


    suho’s cute chinese greeting feat. amused chen

    61/ favorite suho moments 

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    Up Rising rehearsal in Chongqing

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    EXO 140704 airport fashion

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exo photospam


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